Daily Routines For Reverse Aging & How To Look Younger Than Your Age

Daily Routines For Reverse Aging & How To Look Younger Than Your Age

Who doesn’t want to look young?

The concern becomes more paramount as we start to advance in age and mature in years. But despite every effort towards advancement, the one thing that we as a human being have not been able to control is time. The clock keeps ticking and with it our biological age. Before you can actually do the right thing to look young and age slower, you need to get an idea of what is causing the change. This video is part of a short video course from the Bodytrics Academy that will run you through simple steps and strategies to turn back your biological clock.

Just to clarify things a bit, as humans we have two different ages. First there is the chronological age which is the number of years a person has been alive and starts with your birth date. And then there is the biological age which is how old a person seems. When we talk about reverse aging and how you can look younger, it is the biological age that we want to retain and improve on, since the chronological one keeps ticking, no matter what.

It is also the biological age that takes into consideration lifestyle factors and habits. So while how we age chronologically is beyond our control, there are things we can do to improve on our biological age and slow down the aging process so you can look young - infact, as much as 10 years younger than your biological age.

This video shows you simple changes you can make to begin to see immediate results in how you aging process slows down. By developing a set of good habits and routines that do not tax your body, mind and skin unnecessarily you will be able to stop rapidly approaching age in its tracks.

Here are some ideas covered in this video course:

 Proper Sleep


 Sunscreen Application

Adequate Hydration

 De-stressing

 Socializing

Home-cooked Food 


If you enjoyed reading or watching this video, let us know in the comment what other lifestyle habits have you been able to build into your daily routine. And if you've been inspired by some of the ones we shared today, which one is your favorite?

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